Rebranding Announcement: Goodbye LKnet, hello Addria!

by Jelis

January 1, 2020

When we started LKnet 5 years ago, we put our forces towards executing the very idea, and we didn’t focus much on the name of the company. It wouldn’t be true to say we predicted everything that had happened over the past years (even though we think of ourselves as “planning geeks” 😊), since there are a lot of unknowns when you’re starting company from the scratch. LKnet helped us all become better at what we do, but because of our long-term vision and better presentation of our unique story, we believe it’s time to turn a new page in our quest to build a Fortune Global 500 Company. 

How We Decided to Do a Makeover

Our main goal from the beginning was a breakthrough in the international market and competing with some of the strongest players in the IT industry, which we have been successfully doing for the last 5 years. Since our focus was English speaking countries, we realized quickly that not only LKnet won’t be the easiest for pronunciation, but it also doesn’t tell a story. While aware of our initial mistake regarding the name, we soon became too busy with our clients' projects, so we no longer had time to brainstorm a new one.

Over the years, every member of our team developed a sentimental attachment to LKnet, even though we knew the name wasn’t good enough for a recognizable brand. We are grateful to the company for allowing us professional and personal development, and as such will always remain embedded in our roots. On the other hand, we are aware that the company is not a name, but the individuals who make it, it’s the team, and so with that thought, we set out to reconsider our core vision and mission, and decided it was time to rebrand if we wanted to achieve our set business goals.

Coming Up With a New Name

After internal meetings and conversations with our partners about how they see our company, we knew we needed a name that embodies our unique story.

The founders of our company are young entrepreneurs Kristijan and Luka, Croat and Serb. We emphasize this because in the years when the two were born, the countries were at war. Twenty years after this unfortunate event, their paths intertwined and a successful business story emerged. From the beginning, we wanted to create a multinational team (the backbone of talents from neighbouring countries) and present our countries to the world in the best possible light.

We strongly believe that the region we come from has an abundance of world-class talents. Starting from sports success, academic, business, it is unbelievable how many people have achieved the world's greatest success from such a small geographical area.

Why Addria? It’s a synonym for the Adriatic region we come from, and as such it tells our unique story. After all the turmoil in our countries, we believe this part of the world deserves positive stories and we want to prove through our commercial success that there are more things connecting us than setting us apart.

The Adriatic is the northernmost arm of the Mediterranean Sea and the Adriatic Sea /ˌeɪdriˈætɪk/ is a body of water separating the Apennine Peninsula from the Balkan Peninsula.

We are convinced that in the future Addria will become a large global company and that soon our team will also include people from outside our region, but we also want the foundation of a future international corporation to be a positive story that shows a deeper message through its business success.

Visual Identity

We were thinking about the best way to visually represent our company while remaining consistent with the story.

We came up with the new logo in the shape of letter A, which represents mountains and waves, precisely our beautiful Adriatic Sea and magnificent mountains as symbols of the area we live in. The colours of course follow the idea – blue for the Adriatic Sea and green for the mountains. 

We came up with double D because we believe Addria will add value to our partners and projects.  


Long-term, we envision Addria as the first Fortune Global 500 Company from our part of the world, one of the world’s leaders in providing IT software and consulting services. Addria Group with several daughter companies from the same and similar fields.We see thousands of employees, several R&D offices in our region, our own educational institutions, representative offices & partners around the world.

We want to have a strong focus on the professional education of youth and set an example for others – be a pioneer of social and economic changes in the societies we are coming from; consequently, the rest of the world as well, emphasizing youth entrepreneurship all the way. We believe that entrepreneurship can make the world a better place for next generations.


Change is good in any aspect of life, because you have the opportunity to grow.

As part of our memories and emotions this brand evokes in us, it was fun teaching each of our clients how to actually pronounce LKnet, but it’s time for it to retire 😊

We believe that what we have finally achieved is a meaningful, sophisticated and serious brand name to follow us on our future journeys.

We thank LKnet for everything, but Addria is more than ready to start making history!

Addria team 

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