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The open-source component bug hunting platform.



Bug hunting platform

The open-source component bug hunting platform.

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zPatch Technologies is a transportation management solution (TMS) built specifically for the small to midsize carriers.

This innovative logistics platform allows carriers to view and manage their trucks and drivers in real time, eliminates check calls, and digitizes the entire billing process.

The open-source component bug hunting platform.

The platform allows you to pre-order your food and schedule a pickup, delivery or dining in to avoid the hassles of queuing, waiting for food and paying the bill.

Project requirements and

Client's needs

Mobile responsive web app offering a new sales channel for restaurants.

CEO of NovoHub, as a startup investor and a successful serial entrepreneur, wanted to develop the an application that will disrupt the hospitality industry and offer a new way of generating profits for his restaurant group.

  • Your account

  • Report a bug

  • Leaderboard

  • Win prizes

Due to the unique needs of the project, they needed a reliable partner who understands internal business process and phases of startup development able to create an application that is simple, has clean, well designed and modern interface while maintaining the functionality and ease of use.

In addition, the solution had to be fast and offer high quality of takeout service using mobile responsive web technologies while making queuing orders simple for restaurant employees.

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Automated dispatch

Driver messaging

Real time tracking

Navigation & directions

Digital document imaging

Dispatch dashboard

Load history

Free mobile apps for drivers

In order to do this, our client was looking for a proven software development company with experience in dashboard design and developing intricate backend solutions.

LKnet was selected by NovoHub as a perfect fit not only offering technological expertise, but also familiarity with internal business processes, experience in startup development and transparency of the process.

Project requirements
Initiate project, learn and research more about it
Plan project and set clear goals
Set business goals and brand personality
Create corporate style and brand direction
Define and design the landing page
Define and design landing page
Define and design dashboard management system
Define and design driver application
Code both web and mobile applications
Maintain applications

LKnet was selected by NovoHub as a perfect fit not only offering technological expertise, but also familiarity with internal business processes, experience in startup development and transparency of the process.

Solving industry's current problems and

Main challenges

Delivery. Take out. Cathering.

The greatest challenge during the project was how to establish and implement real-time 3-way communication between the person placing the order, the person receiving the order and the person delivering the food.

That being said, the first task in order was to introduce them to the new system and digitalize their usual processes, by taking the greatest care of the UX and producing a visually appealing solution which is also highly user-friendly.

Take a look at the application key features:

  • Automatic Component Listing

    Thousands of Components

    There are thousands of open-source components such as WordPress plugins and PHP extensions that can be audited. Quickly find the most popular components with the widest attack surface that are automatically listed by Plugbounty.

    Components are automatically listed

    All information in one place

    Wide range of components

  • Researchers Leaderboard

    Community of hackers

    Receive research score for every bug you find. Researchers will be ranked based on the research score on monthly and weekly leaderboard.

    Gain exposure as security researcher

    Create your portfolio of research

    Give back to the security community

  • Earn from the findings

    Monthly Prizes

    Wether or not a vendor reacts on your findings, Plugbounty team will review the report and you will get the research score. Every month, a fixed budget will be paid out to top researchers on the leaderboard.

    Top 5 researchers will receive prizes every month

    Vendors can pay suggested tip based on the report

zPatch Technologies dashboard allows carriers to create shipments, manage billing, supervise drivers' statuses and communicate with them in real time, manage employees, share load status with the shippers directly allowing for more transparency and happier customers of end users and much more.

Creating the first

PlugBounty Visual Identity

A visual identity that will establish expertise and emphasize cutting edge high-end technology.

Welcome to PlugBounty

The open-source component
bug hunting platform

The first task after setting up and defining the project was to create the corporate visual identity that will represent the look, feel, and voice of the brand that will be carried through all marketing channels - from the applications, to social media, advertisements, and packaging.


Main logotype:

Logo icon & variations:

Logo icon & variations:



Blue ribbon


Blue ribbon darker




Mirage darker


Oxford Blue


Ebony Clay




Turquoise darker


Single colors:

Blue ribbon


Violet Red




Peri Gray




Ebony Clay




Shuttle Gray






Designing the PlugBounty

Landing Page, Dashboard & Application

Creating a website that solves complex problems with simple solutions.

PlugBounty Landing Page
PlugBounty Application

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zPatch Technologies

Trucking and logistics SaaS

Web & mobile application that provides logistics solution for drivers and truck companies.

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Hospitality SaaS

Mobile responsive web application offering a new sales channel for restaurants and driving 10-15% incremental takeout revenue.

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