LKnet provides premium development
and design solutions to forward-thinking companies.



LKnet was founded in 2014 with a view of our young innovative team to help other Software Development Outsourcing companies, Startups, SMBs and Enterprises reach their full potential and grow by providing outstanding web & mobile development and taking a genuine interest in improving their business processes internally and externally.

We do this by:

  • Delivering affordable, easily maintained, high quality development and design solutions
  • Providing world-class customer service and going the extra mile to exceed expectations
  • Making customer’s ideas come to fruition and establish long-lasting rapport with their clients or seamlessly streamline their internal processes through innovative custom software and design solutions



Our values:

  • Passion – for us, it’s not just a job – it’s a driving force. This passion has led us to go the extra mile and find better ways of solving problems.
  • Discipline – which includes punctuality and commitment to any task we are working on.
  • Curiosity – we are learning every day from each other and from projects, and that’s what makes us grow.
  • Quality and speed – we are committed to delivering services of exceptional quality and we never cease to work on aligning our delivery with the present-day industry standards. We also make sure high quality is maintained when dealing with time-sensitive projects by performing planned systematic actions and strategic applying of agile methodologies.
  • Modern design – we apply the latest technologies on what’s under the hood, but we also follow the newest web design trends and deliver visually captivating and compelling UI and UX.
  • Practical use – we take utmost care to understand customers’ needs and want to deliver products that make a substantial impact both on how a client operates internally and how their brand communicates with their customers.
  • LKnet is a socially engaged company.

    We wish to set an example and lead positive changes in societies we are coming from (Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro).



    After all the turmoil in the region, we believe this part of the world deserves experiencing positive stories and want to prove through our commercial success that there are more things connecting us than setting us apart.

    We desire to promote our countries as places of cohabitation (respect) of national, cultural and religious freedoms since we perceive our true values to be in our own differences – this is reflected in the composition of LKnet’s 30+ team members and our daily lives.

    Long-term, we envision LKnet as a regional leader in the field of developing complex software solutions/a group with several daughter companies from the same or similar field. Hundreds or even thousands of employees, several development offices in the our region, representative offices/partners on Western markets.

    We want to have a strong focus towards professional education of youth in the IT sector and set an example for others – a pioneer of social & economy changes in the societies we are coming from through close cooperation with educational institutions and working on popularizing youth entrepreneurship.



Kristijan Šarac

Since he comes from an entrepreneurial family, Kristijan was exposed to the business world practically his entire life. His father included him in the management of the family company from a very young age where he went through all positions in managing and leading a company. The result of this was also Kristijan’s individual entry into the entrepreneurial world with 18 years of age ( founded the HORECA channel distribution and export/import company ). At the age of 21 he met Luka, and immediately realized they shared the same "unusual" worldviews, work ethics and entrepreneurial spirit, which quickly resulted in founding LKNET and official entry into currently the "premier league" of economy – Information Technologies and over that in the Startup world.

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Luka Maljković

Luka entered the IT world at a very young age. He made his own video games in primary school and that is how he started walking towards the epithet "entrepreneur". Afterwards, in high school, he met several like-minded people and initiated a gaming forum with them at first, followed by starting a gaming community that was No. 1 globally. At the same time he started digital marketing agency and was engaged in a number of digital campaigns in the region of former Yugoslavia. At the age of 19, together with Kristijan he co-founded LKNET which witnesses exponential growth in the past few years and bases all its revenue on creation of high-quality software solutions for the Western markets.

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