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A full-cycle solution team, with sharp focus and slick skills.

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Multicultural, multinational and multi-disciplined team, dedicated to helping other outsourcing companies, start-ups, SMBs and enterprises reach their full potential.

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What started as a team of 2 passionate and young entrepreneurs, quickly became a family of over 30 creative, skilled and devoted professionals, comprising project managers, UX/UI & graphic designers, front & back-end developers, as well as business and quality analysts.

Our team is a perfect fuse of intelligent, eager and determined group of individuals, with different personalities, dreams, interests and expectations, but one common goal - to do awesome things.

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Delivering innovative, quality and fast solutions that break limits.

LKnet is a creative software solutions company, which provides outstanding web & mobile development and has a genuine interest in improving client’s business processes, both internally and externally. From complex enterprise - level softwares, to fresh start-up ideas, LKnet's team is always ready to deliver full stack solutions, tailored to clients’ needs.

Embrace collaboration

We provide premium development and design solutions to forward-thinking companies.
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We deliver affordable, easily maintained, high quality development and design solutions by world-class customer service and going the extra mile to exceed expectations,

More things connect us than set us apart

Our culture, goals and values

Being a great place to work at makes all the difference between good and great company.

After all the turmoil in the region (Balkans), we believe this part of the world deserves experiencing positive stories and want to prove through our commercial success that there are more things connecting us than setting us apart.

LKnet is a socially engaged company.

We desire to promote our countries as places of cohabitation, with respect toward our national, cultural and religious freedoms, since we recognize that our differences are our values.

Be passionate

It’s not just a job – it’s a driving force. This passion has led us to go the extra mile and find better ways of solving problems.

Stay disciplined and focused.

Discipline, commitment and hard work are the very core of any task we’re working on, and with that, we achieve the best possible results.

Keep being curious

Be obsessed with learning. Learn every day from each other and from projects - that’s what makes us grow. The industry moves fast.

"The tremendous enthusiasm for this year's TechDay New York is not only a testament to the success of our past events, but also to the growth of the community at large."

Sharon Lieberman

TechDay’s COO

Deliver fast quality work

Deliver services of exceptional quality and never cease to work on aligning our delivery with the present-day industry standards.

Keep up with trends

Use latest technologies on what’s under the hood and deliver visually captivating and compelling UI and UX.

Stay practical

Make a substantial impact both on how a client operates internally and how their brand communicates with their customers.

Long-term, we envision LKnet as a regional leader in the field of developing complex software solutions/a group with several daughter companies from the same or similar field. Hundreds or even thousands of employees, several development offices in the our region, representative offices & partners on Western markets.

We want to have a strong focus towards professional education of youth in the IT sector and set an example for others – a pioneer of social & economy changes in the societies we are coming from through close cooperation with educational institutions and working on popularizing youth entrepreneurship.

Pleasure at the work puts

Perfection in the job

A workplace that encourages self-awareness is an environment where the most productive,
curious, and innovative people thrive.

Successful people build each other up. Our goal is to make every day ridiculously amazing. Where teamwork and collaboration is present, wonderful things can be achieved.

Meet the

Co-founders of LKnet

Outstanding things can happen when great people unite.

If entrepreneurship is a force known by its ability to connect people, then our story definitely reflects that. On one side we have a completely atipical Montenegrin guy, who's also a passionate workaholic and believes life's too short to be eating bad food, and on the other side, there's a guy from neighbouring Herzegovina, incredibly persistent and with the strong entrepreneurial spirit. A partnership of two men of different nationalities and religions, but sharing the same dream.




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About Luka Maljkovic

By creating his own video games at primary school, Luka entered the IT world at a very young age. He met several like-minded people and initiated a gaming community that became No. 1 globally. His interests expanded towards digital marketing, so he founded a digital marketing agency and was engaged in a number of digital campaigns in the region of former Yugoslavia. At the age of 19, together with Kristijan he co-founded LKNET which witnesses exponential growth in the past few years and bases all its revenue on creation of high-quality software solutions for the Western markets.




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About Kristijan Sarac

Kristijan's father included him in the management of the family company from a very young age where he went through all positions in managing and leading a company. Kristijan’s individual entry into the entrepreneurial world was founding the HORECA channel distribution and export/import company at 18 years of age. At the age of 21 he met Luka, and immediately realized they shared the same "unusual" worldviews, work ethics and entrepreneurial spirit. That quickly resulted in founding LKNET and official entry into currently the "premier league" of economy – Information Technologies.

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