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Web application development

One of our biggest passions is delivering user-friendly web applications that truly improve our customers’ internal processes or help them communicate with their prospects in a modern, meaningful way. We can turn any idea into a new functional product or improve the functionality of your existing applications.

Mobile application development

Our iOS and Android experts breathe innovation and are eager to help you engage your end-users better and improve your own productivity. In mobile development we adopt the customer-first strategy to ensure a smooth experience and we are unstoppable until we get to that win-win solution.

Project management

For most of our projects we apply the Agile project management methodology to reduce the risk for the client and ensure quality. However, if carrying out a successful project demands a more traditional approach we don’t shy away from combining Waterfall and Agile.

UX / UI design

We implement simple and clean design solutions that will make the difference in communicating with your audience. We rely on latest proven trends in UI and UX design to deliver appealing solutions that create special chemistry between your brand and your customers.

Testing and quality assurance

LKnet uses QA and testing procedures to ensure delivered applications comply with current industry standards — security, stability, and performance are our essence. We seek out critical issues that will make or break the customer experience.

Delivering proven and reliable solutions

Using the latest technologies

Makes LKnet a perfect hub for building extraordinary products.

Design thinking methodology & agile project management

Custom PHP & frameworks (Laravel, Lumen, Symfony)

WordPress, Woocommerce, Magento

Javascript, Vue.js, React, Angular, Typescript, Node.js

MySQL, Elasticsearch, Postgres, OracleDB, Redis

CI & CD, Python based DevOps

Penetration testing, IPS, IDS & HIDS systems

Native iOS app development, Swift & Objective C, native Android app development

Identity design, UI/UX design

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