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zPatch Technologies

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zPatch Tecnologies

The ultimate logistics soultion for drivers and truck companies.


zPatch Technologies

Trucking and logistics SaaS

Web & mobile application that provides logistics solution for drivers and truck companies.

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zPatch Technologies is a transportation management solution (TMS), built specifically for small and middle-sized carriers.

This innovative logistics platform allows carriers to view and manage their trucks and drivers in real time, eliminates check calls, and digitizes the entire billing process.

The utimate logistics solution for drivers and truck companies.

The idea behind the zPatch project is to try to ease current logistics problems and increase productivity by giving drivers and truck companies a proper management system in order to enhance trucking operations.

Project requirements and

Client's needs

A single place to manage all your trucking operations.

The founder of zPatch Technologies has over 10 years of experience in the trucking and logistics industry. As he switched to Hospitality and Start-up arena, his passion for all things trucking remained the same. He wanted to develop a platform which would enhance and improve unique internal process of trucking and logistics companies that have been unchanged for decades.

The existing systems for trucking companies are too complex, expensive and created without the end user in mind. These are usually enterprise systems with overly compound design, where a smaller company pays for the entire package, while being unable to select the functionalities that cater to their needs the best, without incurring big costs.

The vision of zPatch Technologies was to create a unique dashboard solution that would enable small and medium trucking companies in the USA (with the total addressable market amounting to over 400k companies) to streamline their processes, both in terms of tracking, communicating with their clients transparently, and simplifying the complex administration behind the billing process.

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Automated dispatch

Driver messaging

Real time tracking

Navigation & directions

Digital document imaging

Dispatch dashboard

Load history

Free mobile apps for drivers

In order to achieve this, our client was looking for a proven software development company, experienced in dashboard design and developing intricate back - end solutions.

LKnet was the partner of choice for zPatch Technologies due to our experience in designing solutions with complex dashboards, familiarity with internal processes from various industries and the long experience of our back - end developers.

Project requirements
Initiate project, learn and research more about it
Plan project and set clear goals
Set business goals and brand personality
Create corporate style and brand direction
Design corporate logo & style guide
Define and design landing page
Define and design dashboard management system
Define and design driver application
Code both web and mobile applications
Maintain applications

LKnet team and project managers invested the time that was needed to understand what the client was trying to achieve and all the needs of the end users of the solution.

Solving industry's current problems and

Main challenges

Through ultimate managment system that will improve workflow for drivers, shippers and carriers.

One of the main challenges was disrupting the traditional communication channels of the trucking industry which mostly included phone and fax communication. We've established multiway communication with drivers on the move, where every employee should be able communicate with the same driver in real time, and manage the whole shipment.

That being said, the first task in order was to introduce them to the new system and digitalize their usual processes, by taking the greatest care of the UX and producing a visually appealing solution which is also highly user-friendly.

Take a look at the application key features:

  • Manage your fleet

    Manage your fleet in real time.

    View and manage drivers in transit, available and off duty drivers

    Get rid of the white board in the dispatch office and eliminate confusion

    Dispatch all drivers in record time

  • Dispatch drivers

    Dispatch drivers and send real time updates.

    Send load information to drivers eazy and fast without any hastle

    Send and receive real time notifications and alerts on shipment status

    Eliminate time consuming check calls and updates

  • Track shipments

    Track shipments and provide real time shipment visibility to your customers.

    Track all of your shipments and provide customers with accurate arrival and departure times

    Notify customers of any shipment detention

    Be proactive and communicate weather, traffic or breakdown delays

  • Obtain POD’s

    Obtain POD’s, generate your load documentation
    and share it with your clients.

    Never search for load tenders or signed bill of ladings documents again

    All the documents for the shipments are digitized and easy to share with clients and employees

    Save on factoring costs and hours of paperwork

zPatch Technologies dashboard allows carriers to create shipments, manage billing, supervise drivers' statuses and communicate with them in real time, manage employees, share load status with the shippers directly allowing for more transparency and happier customers of end users and much more.

Creating the first

zPatch Visual Identity

A visual identity that will establish expertise and emphasize cutting-edge technology.

The Ultimate Logistic

The first task after setting up and defining the project was to create the corporate visual identity that will represent the very essence of the brand, and carry its message across all marketing channels - from apps, to social media, advertisements and packaging.


Main logotype:

Logo icon & variations:

Logo icon & variations:



Blue ribbon


Dodger blue


Outer Space










Pale Green


Single colors::

















Athems Gray




Designing the zPatch Technologies

Landing Page, Dashboard & Application

Creating a website that solves complex problems with simple solutions.

zPatch Technologies Landing Page
zPatch Technologies Dashboard
zPatch Technologies Mobile Application

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