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zPatch Technologies is a transportation management solution (TMS) built specifically for the small to midsize carriers.

This innovative logistics platform allows carriers to view and manage their trucks and drivers in real time, eliminates check calls, and digitizes the entire billing process.



President of zPatch Technologies has over 10 years’ experience in the trucking and logistics industry. After, he exited transportation space, he moved into the Hospitality and Startup arena, while his passion for the trucking industry remained. He wanted to develop a platform that would enhance and improve unique internal processes of trucking and logistics companies that have been unchanged for decades.

The existing systems for trucking companies are too complex, expensive and created without the end user in mind. These are usually enterprise systems with overly complex design where a smaller company pays for the entire package while being unable to select the functionalities that cater to their needs the best without incurring big costs.

His vision of zPatch Technologies was to create a unique dashboard solution that would enable small and medium trucking companies in the USA (with the total addressable market amounting to over 400k companies) to streamline their processes, both in terms of tracking, communicating with their clients transparently, and simplifying the complex administration behind the billing process.

In order to do this, he was looking for a proven software development company with experience in dashboard design and developing intricate backend solutions.



LKnet was the partner of choice for zPatch Technologies due to our experience in designing solutions with complex dashboards, familiarity with internal processes from various industries and the long experience of our backend developers.

LKnet team and project managers invested the time that was needed to understand what the client was trying to achieve and all the needs of the end users of the solution.

One of the main challenges was disrupting the traditional communication channels of the trucking industry which mostly included phone and fax communication. We've established multiway communication with drivers on the move, where every employee should be able communicate with the same driver in real time, and manage the whole shipment.

We created a sort of a group chat with a highly complex system of signalization of the drivers’ statuses, statuses of shipments, deliveries, documentation and even information about traffic delays, and more.

We also developed a separate iOS application that is seamlessly connected to the web app and allows a perfect communication between the carrier, the shipper and the drivers.

LKnet team working on the project consists of two designer, three frontend developers, five backend developers, two mobile iOS developers, one software architect and one project manager, and the same team has been there from the beginning. We started working on the project in September 2017, the test phase will be conducted in April 2018, while the full go live will take place in May 2018.


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