Programming: 3 Best Ways to Learn Coding at Home for Free

by Milica

June 14, 2017

Forty years ago programming languages could be only mastered by a few people on earth. It was tough to learn to code because there weren’t many computers back then. However, now we have books and the Internet that can help us.

Even now people think that programming can be learned only in University, or by taking a course in a nearby school. People need to understand that it can be learned from home. Now everyone has a chance to learn and master programming languages. We picked out three best programming sites for online courses:


learn programming at home with Codecademy

Despite being free and easy to set up, it is the best for those who want to begin to program. Codecademy offers a large variety of courses created by users for users. Simple tutorials and interactive lessons allow students to pick up programming skills very quickly. On the home screen, you can choose one of the courses like PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS. Inside each lesson, there is a panel that gives you instructions on how to write the code. Another panel outputs the written code. It is like having a teacher next to you.

If you are incapable of writing the code or understanding instructions, Codecademy has a forum for questions about problems that might occur.


learn programming at home with Treehouse

Treehouse has one of the largest comprehensive libraries of educational materials for learning to program. With a monthly subscription of only 25$, you will get full access to all courses and 650+ videos. It also offers ‘workspaces’ for you to try out new projects in your own time. It’s the only one on the list to provide an iPad app, which you can use to continue learning. Treehouse is more based on making your projects, such as building a website or an application. You can learn to create a responsive and interactive website or even a WordPress theme.

Treehouse can help you master your skills that can translate into a new career in high-tech. Currently, there are 210,000 students enrolled, who want to improve their abilities, learn new codes and start their own business. After a free 14-day trial, you can sign up for a month and see if you like the course.


learn programming at home with Udemy

Udemy is providing the best information about Java, PHP, .net and many other technologies. The site has an incredibly wide range of offers. It offers a practical work and learning facility. The cost of Udemy courses varies broadly (free to 500$) depending what class you want to choose. Most popular courses cost up to 100$. Udemy uses a collection of multimedia tools for learning such as videos, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, audio, zip files and live classes.

The site’s software tutorials are especially helpful when trying to brush up on a program you haven’t used in a while. There are also instructors that can help you or interact via online discussion boards. Udemy also has iOS and Android app, allowing students to attend classes directly from their phones.

Try using any of the platforms that we wrote about and let us know when you start living as a digital nomad!

Which one is your favorite?

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