Digital Nomads: TOP 5 Must Visit Locations All Over the World

by Milica

June 7, 2017

We’ve all seen the pics with laptops perched atop tanned thighs by the beach/jungle with #worklife written smugly underneath. As a digital nomad, you create how, when and where you work – it means freedom, without the finite, ever-dwindling savings account. If you assume living on a budget automatically means surrendering the comforts and luxuries of the first world, you’ve been living in it for too long. The planet is full of incredible hubs that bustle with expat activity, are hooked up to fast Internet, glisten with vibrant cultural life and pack a flavorful punch.

Living a digital nomad’s life means that you can experience all benefits that outsourcing industry may offer. If you are interested to find out more about advantages and disadvantages, you might want to take a look here. In case you like this kind of lifestyle, but you think that your knowledge could use some improvement, check out our post about learning platforms.


The digital nomad lifestyle is becoming prevalent in this World. At a time when the cost of living in many major cities is unreasonably high and continues to rise, it pays off to strategically choose where to establish your empire. There are standard criteria when selecting a city like low cost of living, fast and reliable WiFi availability, urban nightlife, decent food and fascinating culture. We’ve picked out five best cities matching these criteria:

1st option for digital nomads: Chang Mai, Thailand – 770$/ month, 20Mb/s

Chang Mai is the number one destination in the world for digital nomads. There is plenty of co-working spaces, delicious and healthy food and fast Wi-Fi connection. Low cost of living provides the right environment to get serious work done while surrounding yourself with a supportive community.

While the nightlife in Chang Mai isn’t as rowdy as some other Asian cities, there is still plenty to do to keep you entertained when you are off work. There are many fresh food markets, as well as vegan restaurants around the city. With its cheap accommodation and fast WiFi, Chang Mai is growing with years coming.

2nd option for digital nomads: Bangkok, Thailand – 900$/ month, 40Mb/s

Bangkok is the biggest shopping and tourist hub of Southeast Asia. Although Bangkok is cheaper than Chang Mai, the overall cost of living is lower than in Europe. Best known co-working spaces are HUBBA and Launchpad, making the Bangkok perfect place for startups.

It’s possible to find a modern, fully furnished studio apartment starting around $300 a month. Every month, events and workshops are held in Bangkok for digital nomads to meet and connect.


3rd option for digital nomads: Ubud, Bali, Indonesia – 1000$/month, 5Mb/s

Although Ubud is 30km away from Denpasar, it is the cultural heart of Bali. Ubud’s nature is perfect for making your work less stressful. The only downside to working in Bali is the not so good Internet speed. However, Ubud is the best place for co-working.

There are many Wi-Fi cafés & work spaces with high-speed Internet. In Bali, you will find a tropical environment, great weather, lush nature, breathtaking sights and a vast choice of activities. Think surfing, hiking, spas, crafts, workshops, etc. All of these perks come at an exceptionally affordable price: you can live well for $1000 a month, depending on where you are on the island.

4th option for digital nomads: Budapest, Hungary – 1000$/ month, 30Mb/s

Apart from Asia, Europe is the second most popular continent for digital nomads. With its rich history and culture, Budapest is the most popular city for digital nomads in Eastern Europe. The city comes alive during the summer months, which makes it a great option during the time of year when the monsoon hits most of Southeast Asia.

Budapest offers free Wi-Fi nearly everywhere, a reasonable cost of living, delicious food at low prices and efficient public transport. There are also tons of historical and cultural sites to visit and plenty of places where you can work. High-speed Internet is available all over the city! Co-working spaces such as Kaptar provide the best environment for working.

5th option for digital nomads: Prague, Czech Republic – 1200$/ month, 60Mb/s

Prague is another great architectural destination in Europe. When not being so engaged in the digital world you can walk around the cobblestone streets finding a lot of small bars and cafés. Prague is also beer enthusiasts’ absolute favorite. Being the digital nomad, you will enjoy high-speed internet and co-working spaces such as the Locus Workspace and the Impact Club.


Have you visited any of the listed cities? We’ve visited two out of five!Which one would you visit first?

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