Why we Decided to Switch from Wordpress to Laravel Nova

by Milica

March 11, 2019

Laravel Nova is a framework that allows you to quickly create admin area pages for your application. This was first presented at Laracon US 2018 by Taylor Otwell. He was saying that Nova is very user friendly and how easy it is to build on to create your pages. Laravel Nova allows you to easily manage resources, create your own filters, create your own actions, full scout integration for global content searches.

Most of the web apps have the need for CMS, and since each one’s different, therefore the needs of each admin panel are different as well. Even though certain solutions in Laravel Ecosystem do exist, none of them were ideal. That’s exactly why we initially thought about making custom admin panels. But.

Making the new custom panel would take a lot of time, resources, and with that, it would cost more than the already existing product. That’s not an ideal option, since we know that the CMS's main function is to carry out CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update, Delete) on certain entities i.e. types of content. That's where Laravel Nova enters the scene.

Nova is a beautifully designed administration panel made by the same creators of Laravel. They recognized existing problems and designed a system which, combined with Laravel, performs perfectly. It is literally "plug-and-play", and with a little bit of configuration, we can achieve everything that would otherwise take us hours and hours of work. Although it gives us a lot of "out-of-the-box" options, programmers also have the possibility to extend it, just like it was done with Laravel, by writing additional plug-ins.

Nova is an admin panel tool. NO - it's not an admin panel generator & NO - it's not generating files that you then need to modify. And also - it's not a CMS. The best way to describe Laravel Nova is as an admin panel tool, but it's definitely head and shoulders above everything else that exists in this field.

As a team full of professionals, we always try to stay in touch with the latest trends and changes, and this one is certainly worth trying out. When we've finally had it with WordPress and its limitations, we decided to make a transition to Laravel Nova and be part of the community from the very beginning.

We have been using Laravel framework for quite a long time. Great experts love it, we love it and our clients very often demand it for their projects. Seeing that the great and respected PHP community stands behind this CMS, there wasn't a lot of debate on our next step. 

Laravel Nova has a basic structure and everything else can be adapted according to client's wishes. It fully adjusts to the project, and we've discovered it's a lot easier for us to organize the work around it, since our PHP experts are completely in love with it! It definitely seemed like a lot of work initially, but it was well worth it, seeing how community's constantly trying to improve this innovative solution. We believe it's going to become a real joy to use it.

From the very beginnings of our company, we've been faithful to WordPress, but always hoping a better solution would come along. As a platform, WP is not bad at all, but for above-average users like IT companies, it's far from ideal. As an open source platform which everyone could contribute to by adding new plug-ins, there were always fears about various hacker attacks and security issues, something that our system administrator was mostly vocal about.

What made WP popular as a web design platform is the ability of an average connoisseur to develop a decent website with little to none programming knowledge. However, when the website is up and running, and a certain amount of time passes, problems start to show up. The owner of the website would have to learn programming or hire a maintenance guy/system administrator. Of course, there are exceptional WP developers, but even when used by experts, the existing problems won’t disappear. It's slow, not safe, there's a lot of legacy code, and it's difficult to implement new plug-ins. 

Nova on the other side is a lot simpler to use, we managed to fully adapt it to our needs and admin panel contains only the elements we mostly use.

Having in mind that LN is fairly young, we were patient enough for PHP community to solve all the issues and working on our website now is faster and easier than ever. So lets specify a few advantages: there are a lot less legacy codes, which makes everything more organized, admin UI contains only the most necessary things, and even though plug-ins exist, they are a lot more easier to control. 

LKnet honestly recommends switching to Laravel Nova! 

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