Benefits of Outsourcing Your Mobile App Development

by Petar

June 18, 2018

Outsourcing has become more popular among general software development companies around the globe, especially in the United States. Whether its nearshoring, onshoring or offshoring, there surely are many benefits, and many companies have already recognized that. This also includes development of mobile phone applications. Turning to destinations like Southeastern Europe for a job like this is probably the best choice. Outsourcing is without doubt better than in India, for which many believe is doomed when it comes to outsourcing.  If you don’t know which type of outsourcing would be perfect for your business and your company, read our article on the topic of Choosing the right Shoring .

But what exactly are benefits of outsourcing in software industry? Follow this article and find out why you should outsource your mobile app development.

Cutting cost

This is the most common reason companies opt to get into the world of outsourcing. Mobile apps are costly, therefore the most important benefit of shoring relates to the cost savings. You could get your job done at a much lower price. And if you carefully choose your outscoring partner, work can also be done at better quality. This is due to the diverse general standards among countries around the globe. This difference affects wages, which means the same kind of work could be done in another country for a much lower price. You can save up to 60% if you want to outsource your app development.

If you are careful when choosing your outsourcing partner, low-price does not necessarily always mean low quality.

24/7 work time

To take advantage of this particular benefit, you have to choose an outsourcing partner from a far away country. This is because of the time zone differences. For example, people in Southeastern Europe are well into their work day while the work day in the US is about to begin. This follow-the-sun model is super efficient because it increases the working pace of your project and overall business.

It could be rather complicated to fully pursue this concept, and it mostly depends on the quality of your outsourcing partner. It’s important that both you and your partner have well managed communication, organized work and both respect set deadlines. Read more about what are the crucial points to concentrate on  trying to take advantage of time zones.

phone application development LKnet outsourcing

Increased efficiency

This truly is a no-brainier, why would companies outsource if it does not increase the general efficiency of their work. Yet, it is truly important to choose a trustworthy partner, like LKnet! With their experience and hard work, they make sure every project reaches its full potential! This can be seen by the high quality of the projects they have implemented so far. Knowledge and passion they put into their work leads to increase of productivity and efficiency, good communication and high quality outcome.

Core activities focus

If you decide to outsource your app development process to a partner, you can take time and concentrate on core activities of your business. You can focus on building your brand or invest saved up money into research and development.

Skilled expertise

Outsourcing also gives you trained and experience expertise. This means there is no need for wasting too much money on recruiting and training expensive expertise. Not only expensive training, but also all needed software and equipment for app development. Outsourcing partners like LKnet provide world-class customer service provided by the highly skilled team, led by passion, discipline and curiosity. They go extra mile to exceed expectations and make sure your phone application reaches its full potential. They apply the latest technologies in order to provide the best possible quality.

experienced and skilled workers lknet mobile app

Faster work

Not only in mobile app development, but generally, time is money. The quality of the service is not measured only by the quality of the final outcome, yet by the quality and the time needed for the implementation of the work.

At LKnet they value both quality and speed. They are committed to delivering services of exceptional quality, done in reasonable amount of time. This is because of experience of their workers, who are led by passion and will for general improvement. Their creative minds are going to conceptualize and convert the idea of your app into an outstanding product in no time, making sure it has reached its full potential.

Overall increase in business

Did you know that there are many benefits to your business and brand if it is supported by a phone app? You can improve yourservice and customer engagement, stand out, have better and more accurate analytics, and many more! But, this can only be achieved if your mobile application is conceived and implemented the right way to fully accommodate your business. For that you would need a creative, highly skilled and experienced app development outsourcing partner – just like LKnet, therefore…

Choose LKnet as your outsourcing partner

LKnet has been a reliable and trustworthy shoring partner in software development industry for many years, with high variety of experience. Why is LKnet the perfect choice to bring your mobile app to life? Read all about them here!

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