TechDay New York 2019

by Milica

May 11, 2019

Being that we visited TechDay London last year, it was a natural decision for us to take part in this year’s conference that was held in New York City. TechDay holds a special place in our hearts, since it was the very first local conference our team decided to attend here in London, and with that had absolutely amazing experience. 

TechDay is unlike any other event. There are no keynotes, no breakout sessions, no schedules and tracks to choose from. It is a single day expoof non-stop networking, demos, insights, feedback, user acquisition, partnerships, and more. The event hosts over 10,000delegates, top accelerators and over 225 companies exhibiting, ranging from early stage startups to growth stage SMEs in every industry.

Since NYC is the home of TechDay, we expected huge turn-out and therefore galore of fresh and original start-up ideas, but also new potential clients to offer our services to. The conference was held on May 2, and for the first time it took place at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Centre, which is known as the home to some of the largest and most successful trade shows in the world.

The moment we arrived, we noticed that everything was decorated in blue hues, unlike last year in London. Of course, we loved it, because it went perfectly with our brand new colours and LKnet branding. Our booth looked even more fantastic in that surrounding (yes, we’re showing off). We had a fantastic opportunity to meet over 300 hottest start-ups – from the ones that are yet to launch, to those that have already established themselves as household names.

Whether you’re in search of the next big thing in tech, want exclusive access to the start-up everyone’s talking about, or simply want to explore everything the start-up scene has to offer, TechDay New York is the place to be! The whooping number of twenty thousand people (yes, 20k), including investors, entrepreneurs, developers, job seekers and members of the press – they were all there!

When attending a conference, it’s almost mandatory to check out some talks, which is exactly what some of our team members did. TechDayTalks is a series of 15-minute talks, delivered by industry-thought leaders, including successful start-up founders, key figures in the financial community and influencers in global and local organizations. It’s always good to draw inspiration from fellow colleagues, hear and learn something new from experts, and of course, you can’t miss the opportunity for networking in TechDay lounge with fellow conferees and presenters.

Big moment for us was definitely when we introduced zPatch - a transportation management solution (TMS), built specifically for small and middle-sized carriers. This innovative logistics platform allows carriers to view and manage their trucks and drivers in real time, eliminates check calls, and digitizes the entire billing process. The idea behind the zPatch project was to ease current logistics problems and increase productivity by giving drivers and truck companies a proper management system in order to enhance trucking operations. Learn more about zPatch here.

When we summarize and gather our thoughts, we had terrific time and we definitely want to continue taking part in the conference. We had plenty of amazing and inspiring conversations with visitors, and witnessed excellent presentations of great start-ups. TechDay brings amazing energy and you can simply feel it in the air as soon as you set your foot inside. Successful and aspiring people together in one place. 

With each attendance, this conference gets better and better, and so does our experience. We learn a lot, make fantastic contacts, and are given the chance to meet great talents, which could potentially join our team. TechDay definitely brings great people together and doesn’t lack genius minds.

See you at the next TechDay event!

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