How Can A Bad Design Destroy Your Business

by Petar

April 20, 2019

No doubt, there are many things to consider when starting a business. Some things can get overseen, while others might get too much attention. One of the factors that greatly influence the success of any business/organization and usually doesn’t get enough serious attention is graphic design. Doesn’t matter if it’s visual identity of the company (such as logos) or a branded package graphic design, graphic design should never be overlooked! If it does, there can be some serious consequences. Graphic design can stagnate or even drown your chances of successful sales, and lower your business's credibility. 

Your Graphic design talks with your customers

Well, not literally. Did you know consumers have a conscious opinion about your product/organization just by glancing at its visual presentation? Graphic design captures the attention of client/buyer and creates a visual communication channel which conveys crucial information about your business. It talks about quality, efficiency, credibility, and cost-effectiveness.

If what your business is offering really is of high quality, with bad graphic design, people will think it is not, and maybe choose a product that might be more expensive, but not as good as yours. Why? While the actual price does play an important role, having an expensive product of high quality that just does not look visually good won’t attract the buyers and have them at least try it. There’s another reason. Well, if there are products similar to yours, with similar price and probably similar quality, people will most definitely choose the one that looks the best.

Why be so quick to judge?

“Don’t judge the book by its cover” is definitely something that is usually not applicable in the world of marketing and promotion. Doesn’t matter if your business is about software development or selling branded juice, bad design can literally put off your possible clients\buyers at their very first encounter with the product. If your graphic design is either visually unpleasing or psychologically ineffective, you might have already lost many possible clients.

Wait…psychologically ineffective?

Yes. Graphic design is not only about pretty visuals it is also a lot more about its unconscious psychological influence on the client’s opinion of purchase. So, in a nutshell, if your graphic design just looks visually pleasing and is not created to suit your type of business, it can drag you and your business down.

Bad design doesn't mean its ugly looking. While all the ugly design is bad, not all pretty design is good. Sounds confusing? 

Did you know that only color can have huge psychological influence and repel people from buying your product? Imagine if you are a company that works with meat products. You pay a lot of money to get a modern, amazingly looking and visually pleasing graphic design for your branding and package design...but you want it green? If your graphic designer’s experience is more than just good technical knowledge, with quality education of effectiveness and manipulative power of design, they will be smart enough to tell you that green is your worst choice of color for a meat product packaging. Why? Your design might be amazingly looking, but there are probably other meat products that are packaged in beautiful packages as well. So what? Well, did you know that green color in combination with meat easily associates people with rotten meat and diseases? Graphic design is not an easy topic to cover. There's a whole science around it and there are dozens of university courses about graphic design for a reason. With great power comes great responsibility, and graphic design is a rather powerful weapon to fight with to conquer the market.

What if your business is not about consumer packaged goods?

As said before, it is totally irrelevant if your business is about selling juice, software or any kind of service (consultations, catering...). People can see how much care you put into graphic design, and will probably assume you equally care about your whole business. Again, why? Well, if your clients don’t have any other factor on which to base their opinion, it’s going to be the only thing they will all be able to analyze - visuals. 

Okay, here comes an important question. When was the last time you updated your website design? Do you even have a website? We currently live in a digital era. This means everyone and everything is finding their place online. Online shops, catalogs, or only basic information about you and your business online can greatly help you to boost your revenue...Well, only if your design is good. Bad looking websites, logos, social media designs and similar can falsely tell people that you are obsolete and just not taking your job seriously.


Design is definitely the only factor for good sales and success, but it truly is an important one. Marketing, merchandising, promotions and everything happening in the world of business is should always be thoroughly examined and well prepared. The market is oversaturated with products similar to yours so every single detail matters. 

Are you thinking about redoing your design or creating a whole new one from scratch? LKnet is ready to help you! With years of experience and well-trained and educated team, we are more than excited to help you and your business move forward.

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